Boomerang for gmail is your hero for email

Boomerang for Gmail

Have you ever emailed a potential or existing client and told yourself you need to follow up with them in a week?  Have you ever completely lost track of time, rushed to send that email, and realized you’ve missed an opportunity… or worse, the contact has lost trust in you?

Then I found a solution. When I discovered Boomerang, I thought are you kidding me? How am I just seeing this now?

Boomerang for gmail aims to remind you to follow up.

You can easily set up reminders to have Boomerang tell you to contact that person again if they haven’t replied to you within a certain amount of time. The great thing about it is that you set this up within your email message. You don’t need to use your calendar, another to-do list, or CRM. What a time saver!

That’s not all Boomerang can do, (although it is my favourite option)

It can:

  • email yourself scheduled reminders
  • schedule when an email will be sent to a contact
  • return your emails to your inbox if you need to.
  • include notes in your boomeranged emails
  • track responses to any email you send or receive
  • receive a notification about whether an email is opened or if links in the email are clicked
  • schedule messages on the go on any smart phone or tablet
  • write an email and send it every day, week, month or any interval you choose

And if you change your mind or just want a peek at your boomerangs, you can manage them within gmail.

It’s a super quick and easy install since it’s an app, and you’re taken on a quick tour showing you how it works. Or you can just watch the video.

Some of the features are premium features, but you do get a lot of options with the free plan, along with 10 free message credits. If you use it. want to try it out, it is free for 30 days, and you don’t need to enter in your credit card info until those 30 days are up and you’ve decided it’s right for you.

And last but not least they have a great referral program!

For every friend who installs and schedules a message with Boomerang, you and your friend each get a spin of Wheel of Prizes. You both can win message credits, a free month of Pro subscription or Kindle Fire. So ……. [button style=”btn-link btn-lg” icon=”fa fa-rocket” align=”left” type=”link” target=”true” title=”Here is my shameless referral link” link=””]

Have you used Boomerang for gmail or a similar service? Comment below and tell us what you think! Don’t forget to check us out again next week on Wise Up Wednesday for another time saving, convenient post to help you run your business, so it doesn’t end up running you.

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