Create a Spiffy Call to Action with Recitethis

You know those beloved quotes you see everywhere on Pinterest, Facebook, your favorite websites, adverts, and everywhere else on the web? We all seem to collect them, like them and share them… but what if you used them as a call to action?  

What is a call to action? Well, since you asked nicely, a call to action or CTA – is an essential part of your website. Visually it is an image or some text that asks your visitors to take action. You want to entice them to click that image or button. 

Here is a great article on the CTA at HubSpot. CTA’s should catch the visitors eye, and if they click on it that could convert someone who is just browsing to someone who is now buying. So I thought: let’s find a convenient way of making some eye catching call to actions!

Piccsy created a micro-site called Recitethis

Recitethis homepage Just write what you’d like to see on your virtual poster & Recitethis dynamically generates the text.

It takes longer to choose which poster you want to display your message on than to write it, generate it and download it. Really it’s just fun scrolling through each masterpiece. There are over 30 to choose from.

Call to Action
When you’re satisfied, you can post it on whatever social media platform you want, email it to a friend, or download it. Possibly place your logo over it using CANVA or some other application. What’s Canva you ask? I’ll cover Canva in another post because it is unbelievably awesome, so for now we will stick to Recite. (feel free to check it out though!)

You can also look up a quote. Choose from different categories and a list of quotes pop up for you to browse through and customize to the poster of your liking. Great for inspiration!


Make your own typographic posters in seconds!

More Wise Up Wednesdays PostsUse Recitethis to:

create a call to action

market your product or service

pretty up your blog posts in a jiffy

make your content shareable by posting your creations to social media

(just be sure to link to your landing page)

Have you used Recitethis before? Comment below and tell us what you think!

What would you use Recitethis for?

Don’t forget to check us out again next week on Wise Up Wednesday for another time saving, convenient post to help you run your business, so it doesn’t end up running you.



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