FloatNote is not just another note taking app

Ah yes yet another APP for your phone. I know what you’re thinking.

“Why do I need another note taking app. What’s so special about this one?”

FloatNote for Android keeps it simple. FloatNote pops up when you make a call, just like a lot of the other note taking apps out there – but here’s what makes it different, and essential:

FloatNote is a “note that floats” when you receive a call. Take THAT!

To me, that is much more convenient. I don’t have to remember to open my notes or take the extra step of doing it. FloatNote does it for me.

I sport the Samsung Note 2 – and like to use my stylus. But it looks funny holding this mammoth device up to my ear and it’s sort of uncomfortable at times too, so I do use speaker phone quite a bit.

FloatNote works well for me because I can jot down a quick note or see a previous note I’ve written immediately. It does a fancy little pulse animation when you hang up the call so you have a few seconds to update your FloatNote before it closes.

FloatNote owl

I tested this bad boy for a few days and was really happy that it didn’t break the other apps on my phone, or make my phone unresponsive. If you have downloaded a lot of apps you know what I’m talking about.

It doesn’t take up the whole screen or get in the way of your call. It’s just there if you need it.

Add and remove notes easily. No extra steps to save your note, just go back to what you were doing. FloatNote will do it for you.

I use it for reminders on what I need to talk about during the call.

“The point is to allow you to add/remove notes easily and frequently. It doesn’t even have to be attached to a contact. Say you are getting nagged by a sales person, you can add a note, and then you can screen his call when he calls you without having to save a contact.”
~ Dor Sakal – FloatNote developer

Since it’s launch to the Google Play store early October 2014, FloatNote has had a great response (just over 4 stars with over 300 ratings) and some fantastic feedback. Currently you can download the app for free and use FloatNote for up to 5 notes and 30 characters and can upgrade to more notes and more  characters for a few dollars depending on how much you’re going to use it. Dors is considering making part of the code open source for other developers to use freely. What a nice guy!

Go ahead and download FloatNote for your Android phone. Let us know if it helped you out! As always we are on the lookout for convenient time saving apps for our Wise Up Wednesday posts. Don’t be afraid to share, subscribe, and comment below with your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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4 comments on “FloatNote is not just another note taking app
  1. Gregg says:

    The app looks great. Any chance and ios8 version…. Please, please

    • Creative says:

      I agree! Like I said in the post, I have an Android phone. I keep seeing ios only versions of apps that I could really use. I know Dors has done a few updates on the Android version. Maybe he is working on an ios too?!

      • Dors says:

        Hey all, I’m the dev. It would be awesome to have an ios version, but such a thing will take some time… I will give an update if I will make progress with this

  2. Dors says:

    Hey all, I’m FloatNotes developer 🙂
    I just wanted to say that I updated two versions since this (awesome) blog post was written, and I added a few cool features like a settings screen that allows you to play around with the notes configuration, or the option to call someone from a note inside the app. I also added bonuses so people will be able to get more notes just by rating and sharing the app (which is very important for it to grow and succeed).
    I have more cool features in mind, and I will try to improve the app as much as I can.

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