Give your eyes a break with F.lux screen dimmer

If you are like me you spend an extended amount of time on your laptop, smartphone and maybe even your tablet. After all I am a Web Designer – and it’s 2014.  Much of the world revolves around your eyes being stuck to a screen.

You probably feel your eyes straining as the day turns to evening. Take a moment to think about it right now. How do your eyes feel?

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce some of that strain and give your eyes a break?

Just get F.lux   [ free download ]

f.lux screenshot

F.lux adapts the color of your computer’s display to the time of day. Changing from a warm colour at night to a cooler colour during the day.

Right so what’s the big deal about that? You’ve got a screen dimmer already.

Question: How is flux different from changing the brightness on your monitor?

Answer: By changing the colour temperature of your display, not the brightness itself.

Explanation: The backlight on your monitor emits blue light, even when you use the screen dimmer. (Which you can still use while using F.lux) Blue light is a more natural light, but if you”re staring at a screen most of the time – it’s like having afternoon sunlight 24/h a day. Our bodies aren’t really meant to look at that sort of light all day and night. By changing the colour temperature itself at different times of the day you’ll get a slight red tone that is easier on the eyes. By adjusting to the time of day it helps your body adjust too.

Bonus: You might even get a little more sleep!

Extra Features:

  • Disable it for an hour / or until restart when you are doing colour-sensitive work (Graphic Design or Illustration for instance)
  • ‘movie mode’  makes sure you don’t get a sunset-type screen over top your video
  • hot keys to manually change the colour temperature
  • Philips LED Hue lighting  pairing
  • easily change your location if you’re travelling
  • switch lighting settings easily (halogen / florescent / sunlight)

f.lux owl

When I purchased my latest laptop, one of the first things I installed was F.lux. Because I love my eyes. I love my sleep. It’s not only my eyes worth saving – someone else might thank you too. How many of us bring our smartphones or tablets to bed with us – blinding our significant others next to us while browsing Reddit or reading e-books or whatever it is you do to wind down from the day’s work.

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It’s a quick installation too. All you need to do is tell F.lux where you live, and what sort of lighting you are using and it will do the rest. For some people will seem a bit odd at first, but you’ll quickly forget that it’s there. If you spend as much time (or just spend a few hours a day looking at a screen) you should check it out.

F.lux is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod – and soon there will be a Android version.

Have you tried out F.lux? Has it made a difference in your sleeping habits? How about your eyes – my eyes are thanking me for installing it. Comment below with your experience!

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