Ninite installs all your programs in one shot

Ahhh, yes a brand new laptop…. I’ll just switch it on and get to work.


You have approximately 10,876 updates, installations, upgrades and lots of software to install and configure. Well maybe not that much, but it sure feels that way. It can be hours of sitting on front of the computer before you get to get all the functionality you need. I can think of things I’d rather spend my time doing.

That’s why we love Ninite!

Ninite will install & update your programs in one shot! POW!

Ninite screenshot

Just how easy is it?

I recently had to restore someone’s computer to the factory settings. Sadly, this was the only choice we had. Unfortunately none of the backup disks worked and well you get the picture. I spent the better half of my day taking care of this, and when it was finally ready for me to start installing the everyday programs and applications that were needed – I just wanted to go to bed. After all, I’m a designer not tech support – although I do know a thing or two.

(P.S. … I love you tech support people)

I knew there would be at least another half day of installs and configuring and removing software. Do you think I just sat there and spent forever doing this?


Ninite to the rescue!

ninite owl

While Ninite doesn’t have ALL the programs and applications I needed to install, it sure saved me a few hours of time. Really there are other things I have to do, such as launching video membership websites for amazing businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The folks at Ninite are pretty smart and made it easy to share and modify personalized installers. In just a couple clicks, you have a lot of the programs you need, safely downloaded and installed on your computer.

Need to help out a family member, client, friend, or maybe you have a few new computers at work that need a few programs installed? Think of the hassle you avoided.

You can save and share a link to the installers you’ve chosen. It’s as simple as copy and pasting the URL on the page you are downloading the installer from. Tweet it. Email it. Facebook it. Do it.

Curious as to what I might install? Here’s a great selection for your Windows based system

Ok I know. I’m a designer with a Windows system. Don’t judge me.

Ninite is available for Linux and Windows. (sorry ios users…feel free to comment below and let us all know if there’s a similar ios tool) As for things I would uninstall…. that’s a whole other story and lets keep things positive shall we?

One of my favourite features of the installer is that it says no to extra toolbars and applications that you are always asked to install. Ninite uses bots to be sure the applications you’re downloading are always up to date. Over 500,000 programs are installed / upgraded daily. So have no fear.

Ninite Pro and Ninite Updater are both worth looking into as well. Tons of extra useful features and apps to keep things running smoothly, and you’ll save even more time.

Have you used Ninite? What do you think? Share you experience and thoughts with us. Thanks for reading another Wise Up Wednesday Post! Please feel free to share if you like us. Subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and guides on how to save time and be more productive.

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