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Happy Wise Up Wednesday!

Do you know how long the average tweet lasts on Twitter? Some experts say 5 minutes, some say 15 or more. In any case your followers have to actually see it for your tweet to even have a life. One of the best ways to increase visibility is to add an image to your tweet.

This also increases the chances of your tweet being retweeted. Yeah I know you don’t have all day to sit around making images for your tweets – so that’s why there’s Spruce!

It only takes seconds to Spruce up your tweets

(pun on purpose. No apologies here)

Spruce Screenshot

Spruce is free! (thanks Spruce) It is incredibly easy. It connects to your Twitter account so there’s less leg work. You can choose your background image from the millions of  public domain & Creative Commons Attribution/ShareAlike licensed photos or upload your own. So no worries about copyrights since the images can be used for any purpose, even commercial purposes. If you choose to use your own picture, you still retain the rights to your own images. All images are optimized for twitter, so no more scratching your head at what size image looks best.

Generally your image will hold up to 140 characters. If you have more you’d like to share or want to add hashtags, Spruce images are separate from your tweet itself so you can share what you want where you want it.

So try out Spruce. It’s fast, free, and easy. Tell us what you think! (through a tweet maybe?)

spruce owl

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