Are Your Clients Super Signing Documents Yet?

If you’re still signing your contracts made from trees, I’ve got news for you. There is a faster, more convenient, eco-friendly way. It’s secure and private. It’s legally binding. Best of all, FREE. It’s Docracy.

Docracy provides open source legal documents to the public for free.

Docracy Free Legal Documents and Super Signing

Are you a Freelance Photographer? Designer? Landlord? Small business?

You name it, there is probably a document out there for your needs. You can even request a document. Not comfortable with using open source documents? Upload your own, or ask a lawyer to review the one you’ve chosen for your project. Either way you still save money, and time too.

Where do these open source documents come from? Lawyers, organizations, and people around the world submit their legal agreements to Docracy. From there you can privately edit and electronically sign them for free!

So what can Docracy provide?

  • Common personal legal documents (like splitting rent or giving someone power of attorney)
  • Common small & medium business legal documents (like independent contractor agreements, hiring contracts)
  • Freelancing and Creative Professional Agreements
  • Retainers

Not to mention they have a fabulous blog, too with plenty of helpful tips and advice

By far the best feature is Super Signing. It is the simplest and clearest way for every party to come to an agreement. Everyone is kept up to date with changes to the document. The other party wants their lawyer to take a look? No problem. Once complete, all parties involved will be emailed the signed PDF.

Check out this quick video on Super Signing and how much easier it makes the signing and negotiating:

Quick note: Docracy documents and super-signing are also legally binding in Canada, too. Durham AV Group is a Canadian company. The nice thing about doing business online is that we can meet new clients from all over the world. We like to keep things as streamlined and simple as possible when working on projects. Keep in mind the laws change based on where you live, so it might be a good idea to have a nice lawyer friend to at least check your documents for you if you don’t know the laws pertaining to where you reside.

Legal text can be confusing and hard to interpret, and lawyers are expensive! (Nothing against lawyers – there’s Docracy for Lawyers too!!)

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Start using Docracy today to Super Sign your legal papers and save yourself a lot of hassle!

It could be one of the most stress relieving things you can do for your company (and piece of mind!)

[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]Disclaimer: I am not a Lawyer and I don’t play one on TV.  Nothing on this blog post or website shall be considered legal advice & no attorney-client relationship is established! Please remember to double check with your government regarding local laws. Just because you have a contract signed, it doesn’t mean it’s enforceable.[/notification]

How do you take care of your contacts and legal agreements? We’ve heard good things about Adobe EchoSign for taking care of signatures, and there are a couple of other resources out there. Share your thoughts!

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