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Hey welcome to Wise Up Wednesday! Quick question: Do you have an Email account? How many?

Admittedly, I have several. One for all the junk and subscriptions that have nothing to do with business that was set up in the 90’s (yep you read that right)

A few others for business – they all get funnelled to two accounts, and another for extremely important things. Ok – maybe I have a few others too. There might even be an abandoned account out there somewhere. So much junk.

You know what, it turns out that a lot of people open new email accounts because their subscriptions and newsletters (and spam) get way out of hand.

Suddenly there’s a need for helps you clean up your inbox and manage your subscriptions for a better email experience screenshot


Now ask me how many subscriptions I have – I’m actually afraid to check to see how many are in my good old 90’s account. The honest truth is I know I have close to or at least 20,000 unread emails. Yeah I know. It’s pretty brutal. I’ll use to clean it up later, I promise.

It’s the business account that really matters. I subscribe to quite a few different newsletters, and through signing up for services to help run Durham AV Group I end up getting some other newsletters by default, and obviously not all of those turn out to be what I really need.

Until I unsubscribe I continue recieving these newsletters. It’s just not on my priotiry list to take those extra steps to unsubscribe. I’d rather be helping clients and building relationships, and launching websites. I do have to keep up with the emails though, and the newsletters I do take an interest in. But those come in all day long and my lovely Samsung Note is constantly interrupting my work with it’s chirping notifications. I just want to focus on my work.

Business emails are directed to my Gmail account – for obvious reasons I love Gmail. I signed up for and it stopped the madness!

The newsletters I had subscribed to no longer get buried in thousands  /  hundreds a few others. All I needed to do was add the newsletters and subscriptions that can ‘wait’ to a daily ‘Rollup’. Then I chose when I wanted to receive an email from that included all of the emails I asked to include in the Rollup. No more notifications to worry about!

If you’re really bored or have some spare time you can log in to your account and view it earlier. You can also view previous Rollups.

When I cleaned up my inbox and added my subscriptions to my Rollup – I had added 59 to my rollup. Unsubscribed from way too many subscriptions and will continue to receive 38 going directly to my inbox – so I will see these as soon as I receive them.

You can add subscriptions to your rollup or unsubscribe from them with one click

Other cool features are available too.

  • You can block contacts (they won’t even receive a bounced email)
  • Change the view from list to grid
  • Change when you receive your rollup
  • Temporarily disable it
  • Responsive so you can view it on any device
  • Categorizes your subscriptions automaticall & you can change the categories easily
  • Supports (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud, and any emails that are connected to that account.

Oh, did I mention it’s free?

Go check it out! It might be nice to have your day interruption free. You’ll be able to focus on the task at hand rather than jump to check those notifications all day long.

Thanks for joining us for another Wise Up Wednesday! Please let us know your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Don’t forget to subscribe and if you liked what you’ve read, please share. A little tweet goes a long way!

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