Video Membership Websites

The out of the box solution to monetize your valuable skills & knowledge.


Keep 100% of the Profit

Better connect with your clients and attract new customers by having them subscribe to your unique content. Online content makes it convenient for customers to enjoy.

With an easy one time setup fee, we will have your Membership Website setup in no time. It’s easy to use for both you and your customers. Once you tell your clients how convenient you have made your service or product, they will be delighted to sign up. We don’t take any of your monthly profit, it’s all yours. After all, it’s your content.

Let’s say you have 200 clients, and they all sign up for a Video Membership, and you charge $15 monthly. In your first month, you would see a profit of $3000! Even if you had half the amount of people take a membership. That is still a profit of $1500!  This is while you go about your business. We have seen businesses take advantage of  these Video Membership Websites make thousands of dollars of recurring income each month on a regular basis. What would you do with an extra few thousand dollars per month?

The only thing you need to do is update your content. If you have a smartphone, you can use it to create a video. Uploading videos is easy, fast and the result is you get paid more  for what you’re already doing anyway!

People are so busy these days. Maybe your client (or potential client ) is a new parent – or just a super busy one. Perhaps he or she works hours that don’t allow them to see you when you are open for business.

With a Video Membership Website you are ALWAYS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Seems like a wise thing to do, doesn’t it? If this makes sense to you, or if you have questions, go ahead:

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