Wave goodbye to complex accounting software

So you want to run a business. Of course you’ll need to make sure you are on top of the books. Invoicing. Receipts. Payroll. Taxes (I can hear the groans from here)

                Guess what….

It doesn’t have to be a hassle. Especially when you’ve got Wave

Wave has real, double entry accounting.

It’s not “lite” or “free for 30 days”

It’s FREE.

Wave Screenshot

Wave’s free accounting software and apps make running your small business a breeze. By “small business” we’re talking under ten employees.

(Let’s not leave anyone out here …. you can use Wave for larger businesses too)

There are thousands of freelancers out there in hundreds of different fields struggling with software that isn’t meant for their business model. I mean, why use complicated software and tools meant for businesses with one hundred employees, when there might be just ONE person running your business? YOU!

Wave payments

What does Wave offer exactly?


By securely connecting to your bank account, PayPal and other sources your transactions are already available to reconcile (what a time saver). It’s still possible to manually enter in cash transactions or those other transactions where you may have had to use a *gasp* non-business account – this is SUPER handy. Just the other day I used  one of the mobile apps to take a photo of a receipt – and Wave was intuitive enough to figure out which expense it was. No double entry. That’s right. The mobile apps do what they say they can do! Track those expenses with ease.


View or download balance sheets, sales tax reports, Income statements, Accounts receivable, Accounts Payable and more. The first thing to see on the dashboard after signing in is your financial snapshot. Share info with guest collaborators. a business partner, or your accountant.

Invoicing / Quotes / Estimates

Unlimited Invoices! Branded too! Accept credit card payments – turn your estimate or quote directly into an invoice. You can even show discounts. Add vendors. Different templates to choose from too. Did I mention it’s free?


No surprises – accept payments and pay a flat fee. 30 cents plus 2.9%. Just that simple. You can get paid via your smartphone!

Personal Finance Software 

Without even signing out, switch to your personal account. Sync your accounts. Track your home expenses, create budgets and keep an eye on your net worth.

You know what… there’s even MORE….

  • Customer Statements
  • Payroll (nicely priced paid feature)
  • Mobile Apps (these are especially awesome and you should go check them out immediately)
  • Integration with Shoeboxed, PayPal and Etsy

wave owl

Other Perks! 

They have a great blog for small businesses and super support. You can even create your own perks and post them on the website.

Wave can also help you find an accountant, or if you are an accountant they have services for you as well. Maybe you’ll want to

There is one extra perk about using Wave. They make it easy to understand. It’s likey you’re not an accountant. Perhaps you have no idea on how any of this stuff works or what you are supposed to record and so on. So that’s why they have Wave University. A getting started guide to show you exactly what you need to do loaded with quick tips and guidance. You’ll be a pro in no time. There is also access to forums, free email support – and if you really really want the help there are paid support features too. At an extremely fair price.

All of your accounting information is stored safe and secure and backed up in multiple locations. If your Mac or PC goes bust, your accounting still has a home.

You’ll never have to install software on your computer or worry about updates. They are always innovating. Introducing new features and fun contests.

I could go on and on. I think I kind of have already though. I mean I can’t really tell you everything. What I can tell you is that I really don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to give them a shot.

Why not ditch spending all kinds of hard earned cash on other confusing accounting software & give user friendly Wave a try? I’ll bet you’ll love it.

What do you think of Wave accounting? Any tips, tricks or advice? Comment below and let us know.

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