Wise Up Wednesdays

Welcome to our blog!

Durham AV Group is all about the power of convenience.

That’s one of the main reasons we offer video membership websites to busy business owners and freelancers.

Since there are thousands of different ways to make life a little bit more convenient, we’ve decided to introduce Wise Up Wednesdays!

Photo Credit - Ronnie Macdonald Barn Owl

We will post something every Wednesday that we find convenient, easy, useful, or just plain smart so you can use your time a little more wisely. Many of these things will be tools, utilities, websites, and other handy programs or apps that Durham AV Group uses on a regular basis.

By all means, if you find something handy that you think needs to be shared, feel free to let us know by commenting below one of our Wise Up Wednesday Posts, and tell us what you think! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay up to date on our latest posts!

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