Let your client decide when to book meetings with youcanbook.me

Forget emailing back and forth trying to figure out what time is the right time to book a client – or potential client, and let youcanbook.me do all the work!

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By now you’re using Google Calendar – I mean it’s likely on your smart phone or tablet, and it syncs to your desktop or laptop. If you don’t use it, it’s free and really easy to manage. But you don’t want to share your calendar with just anybody, and you don’t want to constantly be checking your calendar wondering where you can squeeze in a meeting, phone call or online chat. You’ve got things to do. Business to run. How much time and energy are you putting into just figuring this out? It’s actually much simpler than that. At least if you’re using youcanbook.me.

YCB connects directly to your Google Calendar to manage and sync your appointments. It is super easy to book appointments, and the system is easy to setup and manage. It’s fast too. You can customize the look. There are plenty of ways to share your calendar online. And it looks good on mobile phones. Their tutorials are incredible easy to follow.

Like you, I have a busy schedule. There are select times each week I can dedicate time to meetings, phone calls, online chats and so on. What great about this system is you can just create an event in Google Calendar, sync that event with YCB, and only those times will be available for the public to see. The client can click on any available time and request a meeting. This means you can leave your desk. Your phone at home, go to dinner. Go on a trip. With the peace of mind knowing you’re always open for business.

Try the demo and check out the ease of use

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There are paid upgrades for this service too, like linking to more than one calendar, custom configuration, offering different types of appointments and much more.

How does one find your amazing booking system? It’s easy to share your YCB system. A button on your contact page, a link through your email, post to your LinkedIn, Twitter, or even get a QR code to put on your business cards that links back to your booking page. (This is a great idea for your next set of biz cards by the way!)

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Why not allow the client to decide on a time?  By doing this not only will you save time & energy – so will the client! Yes it’s great to have a human on the other end of things but people just love convenience. It takes seconds – maybe a minute to book an appointment. Time is money. Either money you’re losing spending time on trying to shuffle your schedule, or paying someone else to do it for you.

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With a click of a button your meeting is set up!

What more do you need?

Relax. Let them book a time and get notified as soon as it happens.

Have you used YCB or another similar service? What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know!

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